Let Your Interior Shine...

Since I came up with an idea of creating original paintings embellished with Swarovski® crystals and glitter, I am totally in love with this concept. Art and Swarovski® crystals go so well together, they make your interior unique, sparkly and very glamorous. I love creating and I am so grateful I can follow my passion and make my clients smile. I hope that everyone who looks at my art will realise - if only for a moment - that we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. We should be proud of ourselves and cherish our own uniqueness. The motto of my art is “let your interior shine” because I believe we all deserve to sparkle." I believe symbols of natural perfection such as peacocks convey this message well. The universe is beautiful even on the cellular level. The 'Alive' series is about that.

When I started my Etsy shop some years ago I was wondering whether an artist from a small country in Europe (proudly called 'the Grand Duchy' though;)) would be trusted on a predominantly US-focused marketplace. Luckily, my initial concerns have proven completely unjustified: I have had an amazing response from all over the world. These days my art is in homes and offices in most American states, as well as in countries from UK to Australia to The Netherlands to Puerto Rico, to name just a few. I have been truly blessed to really only encounter lovely, friendly clients. They often send me thank you notes and photos of my art in their living rooms, bedrooms, offices... I had the pleasure to work on gifts for nobility as well as for pieces for the elderly moving out of their homes and willing to take something positive with them. I'm honoured to have worked for some of the kindest persons from all corners of the world, co-creating the pieces to match the tastes of their own and their loved ones.

I value all the kind words and the passion present here on Etsy. Both sellers and buyers are extremely nice, we all appreciate hand made products created with dedication. Members seem to understand that an original piece made with love will shine its positive energy in your home for years to come.

I work from my atelier in Luxembourg. I am very lucky to have a lovely place with tons of light, so crucial for my technique using Swarovski crystals, glitter and metallic paints.

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